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A Watchman’s Guidelines

This is the privilege and responsibility of some Christian/ Messianic Believers, who find they have a burden of prayerful concern for God’s Word of Truth, also for other people, especially Believers who are "of the household of faith." It has some heavy aspects of deep concern for Truth, and the suffering of those who stand up for Truth. It involves time to spend ‘watching’ news from whichever area of concern God may have placed on you, in harmony with the Word of God. Having delivered the observations made, to those concerned to hear them, the Watchman’s responsibility is completed, as indicated in Ezekiel 33: 1-20.

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Biblical Symbols

Every part of Scripture has many, many beautiful messages from the Holy LORD God, through the writers of the Bible, to any human being who wants to understand, by the Holy Spirit, what God is saying. The HOLY BIBLE ~ that we believe was inspired by Almighty God Himself uses hundreds of real things as 'symbols' to teach us about our Lives, and how GOD wants to BLESS us.

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War, Famine, Plague - Will 1 in 4 People Die?

This is an unusual message (in the mind of the writer), and only being offered in loving concern and admiration for those with present ministry experience ~ such as Medical Professionals and especially those with Human services and Counselling expertise, or Pastors, to help Bereaved people ~ and are Believers in the full Truth of the Bible, God's Word.

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Explanations & Meanings of Words, regarding the ‘End Times’

There is a range of Biblical & generally understood names or terms for the events, or personalities associated with the Second Coming of Jesus/Yeshua & the time leading up to this. It is helpful to know some of these, as you read about this subject here, or elsewhere.

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Studying the Biblical ‘End Times’

This section offers some practical suggestions, which need to be thought about prayerfully. The reward will be, having the extra ‘oil of Biblical knowledge’ that, like the Bridal virgins who prepared ahead of time, (in Jesus’ Parable in Matthew 25), meant that they were accepted by the Bridegroom and were able to be united with Him for the ‘Bridal Feast’. We encourage you to consider these things.

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Waiting for the Bridegroom

This lengthy article gives a thoughtful, Biblical look at a sweet story with a very serious meaning. It is a ‘must’ for all who are sincere in their love for, and longing for the Return of The Bridegroom, Yeshua/ Jesus our Saviour, Lord & Messiah.

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