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Iran ~ Israel ~ Egypt - Background facts.

These three nations are very significant for themselves and the wider influence they have in the Middle East and beyond. The Holy Bible written in the M.E. and relevant to each other, has a great deal to say about them, both in the Past, now, in this Present Endtime period of the 'Last Days' of mankind's rule on this Earth and the future.

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Focus on Egypt - Isaiah 19 study.

There are not many parts of the Biblical Scriptures that outline events in a clear sequence of time, for one nation as Isaiah does in chapter 19. We follow and explain this sequence, starting it seems in February 2011! It is a sad sequence of events with a most amazing world blessing ending!

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God’s General Plans for the Middle East (Part 1.)

For anyone with a real interest in the Middle East nations, we have written an over-view and general background about these nations. The wonderful truth is that the God of the Bible, has great and loving plans for them and especially, millions of individuals from those nations, whether still living in their homelands or around the world!
These are based on Isaiah’s prophecies, where the term, “in that Day” is used repeatedly. There are clearly different ‘Days’ or periods of time, so we offer some thoughts about them. This is a Bible study, (checked by Christian friends in a M.E. country), that you may want to print off and pray and think about more. We long to encourage ‘refugees’ from these nations.

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"In That Day" ~ General Time Periods referred to in the Bible.

This is a re-occurring phrase all through the Prophetic books of the Tanakh, (or Old Testament of the Bible), and also about 15 times in the New Testament! Does that mean they all refer to the same Day? Not at all; so we take a careful look at Historical and Future periods of time they probably do apply to. [A good Study Bible will help YOU decide which "Days" they might apply to, with specific dates and actual names of kings and emperors, given.]

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"In That Day" ~ 8 Specific 'Days' ~ to the End of Time.

It is not easy to divide the various 'Time Periods' from each other, being looked at ahead, by the Prophets who saw them in their Future, but now often well past to us! In addition, some of these over-lap with each other, and some have been partly fulfilled, with another part still Future! The main meaning is that only the God of Israel knows all the details of the Past and the Future and the reasons for these serious events.

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