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Praise & Glory to our God.

There is a longing in our hearts, often ~ to somehow see or have a personal encounter with God. Yet we realise He is so High & Holy, & we are so human and limited in so many ways, it could seem as impossible as having a close meeting with a great king. So has anyone really had a clear vision of God in the glory of Heaven? Yes, there are several, & some were enabled to write these down – for us to think about, as if we were there! Also to join in the songs of praise that these men heard when they were in God’s actual Presence! So we have copied some of these from the Bible, where God had them written for us to enjoy, as well.

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But what about ‘FAITH’ ~ This Mysterious Thing we all Need.

Whenever we consider the stories, studies and concepts in the Bible, which is called The Word of God? ‘Faith’, means accepting what we cannot fully understand, (mostly because God and His blessings are so great), even acting on what we have not even seen, which is the deeper level of faith we call ‘trust’! As Hebrews 11: 1 at the beginning of ‘the Faith chapter’ says; “Trusting is being confident of what we hope for, Convinced of what we do not [actually] see.”

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‘Comfort for Sorrow’ Part 1

This is simply our heartfelt longing to ease the pain of hurting people in agonising places of sadness, bereavement, disappointment & tragedy. Words can never be totally helpful, but by offering some answers to questions, & even some understanding from a Biblical point of view, perhaps this study might help you, or someone you would like to help. It is a study ~so breaking hearts, whose eyes are too filled with tears to read it, can come back another time.

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‘Comfort for Sorrow’ Part 2

This article deals with the sorrow of how sin and temptation are linked to suffering and what God has shown us through His Word. We touch on Creation, the Fall, the Flood & the Tower of Babel actual events in the very early history of the world – ‘His Story ~ God’s & Man’. We offer a ‘Recipe for Blessing’, even!

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‘Hearing Hearts’

A short challenge to all Christian/ Messianic Believers to consider the people who have been entrusted with a life of some disability, such as the ‘unseen’ abilities of those who cannot hear, physically – but can teach us how to hear God & others.

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