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Endtimes Timeline

A full, [possible], Bible-based, Endtime, time-line. Concepts and ideas of how a person could view the next few years. These thoughts and conclusions are simply offered as a basis for your own studies and prayers.

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The False Messiah

The False Messiah, or as most people call him, ‘the Antichrist’ is one of the most prominent figures in the End times, before the King of Heaven comes to take over the world, in love. The Bible gives a range of ‘pictures’ of him, which taken together shows us most of what we need to know about this personification of Satan. God told us for our benefit, to prepare us. If He has written it all so clearly, we should read & understand what we can, then, keep trusting God to be with us His children, as He promised, "even to the end of the world."...

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A Study of Seven main Scriptures about Earthquakes and Sky signs affecting the entire world. The study of these various, vivid, descriptions of horrendous Earthquakes is not easy! For a start it is hard to imagine the devastation and loss each one will bring. For the writers of this study we can ONLY present them exactly as the Word of God, through the prophets and Jesus Himself describes them.

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The times of Tribulation and ‘Wrath’

These are two separate periods of time, both of which are depicted very clearly in the Bible. Again, God had His prophets write about these sad and difficult times – not for Himself – but for us "who believe". Preparing our hearts and minds now, is like storing the ‘extra oil’ of loving commitment & devotion based on our Biblical knowledge and understanding of what we can read, if we will, so that we will be ready.

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The Greatest Lie

When one really stops to think about the horrific facts of the Tribulation & the prominent characters in power at that time, a person could ask, "whatever makes people accept these deceitful & cruel things?" The answer is that almost all people will "believe the lie." Many lies, but all based on one great lie, for a specific reason.

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The Greatest Sign of The End

There are several very significant signs, but the greatest, from the perspective of being the best, is this one! This one, good & great sign, (showing that God’s most magnificent Plan for all mankind, will finally be completed), is so encouraging, for those who will accept it. God even sends a great angel to announce this to the entire world!

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Daniel’s Five End Time Kingdoms

Again there are many references in the Bible to ‘World powers’, sometimes called ‘kingdoms’ sometimes even depicted as ‘Beasts’. We do not have ALL the answers to every question about these ‘kingdoms’. But we have prayerfully looked at these ‘word pictures’, to seek to bring some understanding out of them. Most of all, we see that just like the so-called "Fifth column" -(an underground army) some nations have had, God has His people all over the world, in the unseen ‘Fifth Kingdom’, of true Believers in Jesus the King, ready for the answer to the prayers of millions of people, over 2000 years, "Thy Kingdom come."

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