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My Country is in Big Trouble

Read about Habakkuk’s response to this heart-rending problem

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Preparation for Disaster

As we believe from the Bible that we are all in a serious Time that is called 'The End Time', leading up to the 'End of the Age' and the Return of God's Son and our Messiah Yeshua/ Jesus, we want to face the FACTS about Disasters in that 'End Time' - in practical ways.

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Prophetic Babylon

As we know, a world-wide economic crisis has already developed and, even though it will seem to improve from time-to-time with hopeful words from the economists and politicians, the Bible tells us that, eventually, prophetic Babylon – the economic/political system of the world - will fall.

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The times of the Gentiles

There are two seemingly similar references re "The times of the Gentiles" and another about "the fullness of the Gentiles". We look at them in their context and in the light of recent history and the future.

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Gog & Magog - Whatever do they mean?

There are two careful studies of the events described in Ezekiel 36 -39 explaining why they are very important to the whole world. In fact your future could be changed by these great events. Other people have written about them, but we see them as very critical - so all the information about them we can prayerfully study - as it is a key part of God’s Word, & has never yet happened completely - is vital. The ‘precursor’ events are becoming clearer every day!

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Sequel to the ‘Ezekiel War’

As the writer of this study, one was shocked & thrilled at what the implications & effects of this major event - the only war described in so much detail - could be for me, and maybe for you? For Jewish People it will initiate the most wonderful time in their whole history!

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Non-secret Prophetic Intelligence

The world & its Leaders are often dependant on good ‘intelligence’, & frequently blamed for depending on the wrong information, or acting on it unwisely. As Bible-reading Believers, we can look carefully at the Word of God, listen & learn from each other and as prayerful ‘Watchmen’ share what God shows us in our own informal ‘Intelligence Network’! This way we can be encouraged, inspite of the sad increase of wickedness, to realise ~ finally ~ "Jesus Wins!"

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