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Basic Biblical Beliefs Of The Gethsemane Olivet Fellowship
[Because we believe we are one with our Jewish Messianic friends, and our knowledge is based on Biblical Judaism, we include some Hebrew terms familiar to them.]

We hold the following as basic to our Christian/Messianic understanding, recognising the right of all Believers individually, before ADONAI GOD, to translate these into their own lives freely; according to the written WORD of God, and Light from the Holy SPIRIT/ RUACH Ha Kodesh, shining into each person’s heart.

We believe with a perfect faith in:

1. The Divine inspiration of only one Truth in the Tanakh/Old Testament and the B’rit Chadashah/ New Testament, called the Scriptures, or Bible, as originally given, and therefore its supreme authority in all matters of faith and behaviour, leading to holy living. ADONAI GOD has preserved the WORD perfectly for us! It’s truth and reliability is vindicated more every day through science, archaeology, historical written records, and in the lives of millions of Believers in the Divine Author, Yeshua, Who is ~ the WORD of God.

2. The essential Oneness of the Sovereign ADONAI GOD; Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah, Son of God; and the Holy Spirit, as expressed in the Words, "Hear, O Israel, ADONAI our God ADONAI is One." Jews address God daily as "The LORD our God, King of the Universe." Yet God exists as three Distinct Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As we cannot understand this mystery with our small minds, it has to be accepted by loving faith alone! However just as the Sun itself, gives the rays of the Sun-light, and the unseen power of the sun to cause life and health are ONE, ['ehad'], but (distinct in their roles) so God is ONE.

3. The universal sinfulness of all human nature since ‘the Fall’ as described in Genesis 3, rendering all people of every race, subject to ADONAI GOD’S wrath and condemnation, individually. (But see excellent discussion in the J.N.T. Commentary, by David H.Stern, pages 358- 372.) One day sin/death will be destroyed, forever. There is a judgment day for all who do not repent of sin; a fact repeated throughout the entire Holy Bible.

4. Redemption/ total freedom ~ from the guilt, penalty and power of sin, is only through the sacrificial death, (as our representative and substitute) of Yeshua/ Jesus, who is Son of God and Son of Man, born of a virgin as foretold in the Tanakh/O.T. [See Isaiah 9:6/7.] He is also our perfect High Priest. (Cohen Gadol.) [Zechariah 4:6, Hebrews 9:11/12.] We only have redemption by repentant trust in Yeshua/ Jesus as we follow Him, daily.

5. Jesus/Yeshua as truly human and truly divine, in fulfillment of many specific prophecies in the Tanakh/ O.T. He lived, taught and ministered to many people, in Israel, (about 2000 years ago) until His murder at the hands of the authorities of the time, aged 33 years. But He was resurrected bodily from the dead, assuring all Believers also of a future bodily resurrection to life, for all whose names are sealed in ‘The Book of Life’.  After His resurrection He ascended back to Heaven, where He lives now to pray for us until His Return on the Last Day, to be with us, on Earth for 1000 years, then into Eternity, in the ‘New Heaven and New Earth’ ~ forever!

6. The indwelling in the Believer by the Holy Spirit, making all the blessings that ADONAI GOD has promised to those who acknowledge Yeshua/ Jesus as their own Saviour, real every day and forever. He enables us to become holy day by day, as we follow Him only.

7. The one, future Return to Earth of Yeshua/ Jesus, when He will overthrow the Evil one, Satan, and Rule on Earth as King of kings, from Jerusalem, with His resurrected people from every age, both Jews and non-Jews whose trust is in Him. At His Coming all Believers will be one in Messiah, though each will be given joyful, individual, restful, responsibilities to serve Him. [Ephesians 4: 4-7,  Matthew 24: 46 - 47.]

8. The total Sovereignty of ADONAI GOD in creation, in revelation, in choice of Abraham and his descendants through Isaac, delegating the Land of Israel to them as their eternal possession. He also will show Himself Holy through them to all the world, which He desires to bless through them - also true Christian Believers. At present we can share with Him as our Father in heart communication by faith, which we call ‘prayer’, according to His will. [Ephesians 3: 12 - 20!]

9. ALL Messianic and Christian Believers are free to keep the Biblical Jewish Festivals and we hold that Biblical Judaism is the basis of principles of the Kingdom of Heaven as outlined in the B’rit Chadashah/ N.T. by Jesus/Yeshua. We keep to His Divine teachings: worship on a seventh day, practice one immersion/ baptism for adult Believers, and His memorial Feast, as represented in the grape juice and bread, (if it is available).

Our heart’s attitude must be sincere as we worship in Spirit and in Truth, to HIS glory.

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